Pandemic and the Anxiety.

There’s fear in the air as we see history repeat itself. 2021 feels like an extension of 2020, but with some extra dose of crisis thrown in for some added effect. Don’t you think? Today, as I spoke with a friend, she shared how her sister was reeling from anxiety thanks to the absence ofContinue reading “Pandemic and the Anxiety.”

Needs versus Wants. #SoulfulSunday

A year ago, life changed for the denizens of this planet. Life, as we knew it, came to a standstill, thanks to a virus that threatened to wipe out the smile from every face on earth. We were forced into our homes, advised to stay indoors, come what may, and learn to adjust to theContinue reading “Needs versus Wants. #SoulfulSunday”

Where do you feel most secure? #SoulfulSunday

Last week, someone on Twitter asked a question: If you are thrown into a room with all the people you have ever met, who would you look for first, and why? I replied I would look for my mom and my pet dog (if he could return from Heaven).  The reason is simple: I haveContinue reading “Where do you feel most secure? #SoulfulSunday”

The Universe listens. #SoulfulSunday

What happens to the words that come out of our mouth or take form in our mind? I used to wonder often. Sometimes I would see a wish miraculously fulfilled. At others, I would sense my words coming back to haunt me. That’s when I realised that what we speak doesn’t get lost in space.Continue reading “The Universe listens. #SoulfulSunday”

Stay positive, come what may. #SoulfulSunday

It’s tough being positive in the face of uncertainty, when in the midst of adversity. Our mind is such, it is an expert at imagining worst case scenarios, at catastrophizing, at thinking of only bad things happening to us. Rarely does it come up with something positive—a happy image, an encouraging thought, hope, a beliefContinue reading “Stay positive, come what may. #SoulfulSunday”

Losing a pet #SoulfulSunday

Last week, my friend lost her pet dog of eleven plus years. Shourya was a golden retriever, six years younger than Chikoo and also his close friend when he was alive. It’s because of our pets that we girls met one fine day, almost ten years ago. Such a long time ago, but it feelsContinue reading “Losing a pet #SoulfulSunday”

Who inspires me. #SoulfulSunday

Being an artist is as tough as anything else. When you see a work of art and exclaim at its beauty, you fail to recognise the amount of time and effort the artist must have spent dragging themselves to their desk to make it. For, it’s not everyday that the artist must feel energetic andContinue reading “Who inspires me. #SoulfulSunday”

What do you hold in your heart? #SoulfulSunday

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  —Winnie the Pooh I have still to read Winnie the Pooh, but this line stole my heart. As I read the quote, I wondered about its meaning. Did it mean the little things that we keep bemoaning about, not giving the big pictureContinue reading “What do you hold in your heart? #SoulfulSunday”

If life had been a fantasy film. #SoulfulSunday

The cool evening breeze soothes the weariness I have been experiencing since this morning. Last night, I slept late. It was a fitful sleep that saw me tossing and turning for quite a while before I finally got an entry deep into Slumberland. Waking up with a headache and a cranky mood thanks to theContinue reading “If life had been a fantasy film. #SoulfulSunday”

Expedition Happiness

I chanced upon this documentary, Expedition Happiness, on Netflix today. It’s about a couple who sold off all their belongings to set out to travel the world. In a school bus which they turned into a caravan, they along with their dog,  travelled far and wide, to quite a few countries, to experience happiness. TheContinue reading “Expedition Happiness”

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