Pandemic and the Anxiety.

There’s fear in the air as we see history repeat itself. 2021 feels like an extension of 2020, but with some extra dose of crisis thrown in for some added effect. Don’t you think? Today, as I spoke with a friend, she shared how her sister was reeling from anxiety thanks to the absence ofContinue reading “Pandemic and the Anxiety.”

Feathery tales – 1 Kids! #MicroblogMondays

Welcome to FEATHERY TALES! I have three pet parrots: Cookie, Chikki and Bholu, who are my constant source of entertainment as well as inspiration. And, because I haven’t created an Instagram profile to share their stories, I thought of writing all about them here, on my blog, every Monday, for #MicroblogMondays. And, in keeping withContinue reading “Feathery tales – 1 Kids! #MicroblogMondays”

What the horoscope foretells.

“You are flying high, and how! You strive to conquer many new peaks. You are on a path of true creativity…!” said my horoscope for last week – words that, I felt, were written precisely for me. I went back in time and made a mental assessment of all that I had been doing toContinue reading “What the horoscope foretells.”

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