The final straw. #FictionMonday

Ma was never the angry sort. Never a foul mood even when there was hardly any food on the table; never a slight to those pesky neighbours who were always stealing lemons off our tree–the only one–in our backyard; no rebukes in spite of all the din we made over who would do the dishesContinue reading “The final straw. #FictionMonday”

The attic story. #FictionMonday

Cleaning the attic always brought Granny’s histrionics to the surface. All the clutter lying there since ages, covered with a thick layer of dust and colonies of spider webs seemed to be her ticket to long life. If we were to discard all that junk, then she would die, too–she claimed. Every time we venturedContinue reading “The attic story. #FictionMonday”

Evan and the glow worms

 Evan was famous at school for his shiny, bright teeth. The Colgate Kid – we called him, when he wasn’t around. Sometimes when he was around, too. Especially when he gawked at the girls–Sophie, in particular–and gave her his white-toothed smile, and she guffawed.  June, my kid sister, believed Evan chewed glow worms, the wayContinue reading “Evan and the glow worms”

Luc-shuv over chai-shai (contd.)

Read part one here.  Part two: Manu had never believed in magic or miracles. But, dreaming of his parents–especially his mother–meant she was, indeed, looking after him, and that was definitely some sort of magic. His mother’s pet, Manu had been devastated by her death in a fire that had engulfed their shanty 10 years ago.Continue reading “Luc-shuv over chai-shai (contd.)”

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