Why I don’t miss my school days.

I hated school. Period. I know, hate is a strong word to use especially for one’s alma mater. It is, after all, a place that builds you a strong foundation for life. It’s where you learn the ABCs — not just the bookish ones but also those that teach you life lessons. A place where you makeContinue reading “Why I don’t miss my school days.”

The good ol’ days of blogging.

Seven years ago, when I started blogging, the blogosphere was a completely different world. You typed a heartfelt post, shared your deepest feelings with the faceless stranger sitting on the other side of the screen and established a bond that felt genuine, despite the unfamiliarity. You forged friendships that went beyond the physical and theContinue reading “The good ol’ days of blogging.”

Embracing rejection. #Mondaymusings

To enjoy success, we must embrace failure. I’ve repeated this maxim to my sore ears a hundred times. No, actually, 58 times. That’s the number of times I received rejection letters in my mail box from places I applied for a job in the past eight months.  The pandemic has made it so easy toContinue reading “Embracing rejection. #Mondaymusings”

Sharing our vulnerability. #MondayMusings.

As I read Dr. Brene Brown’s thoughts on vulnerability being strength rather than a sign of weakness, I pause to think of the effect it has when we lay bare our soul. Our fears that torment us, our shortcomings that shame us. Lay it bare to the world, to gauge the effect our words haveContinue reading “Sharing our vulnerability. #MondayMusings.”

Feathery Tales – 3. The kiss-o-holic. #MicroblogMondays

Cookie is kiss-o-holic. She is crazy about kisses. After we bonded, she began accepting my kisses on her neck, but no more than a few pecks. Slowly, though, she started asking for more. Especially on her tummy. She would lie on her back and I would kiss her tummy, and she would enjoy it soContinue reading “Feathery Tales – 3. The kiss-o-holic. #MicroblogMondays”

Feathery Tales – 2 Of foodie bonds. #MicroblogMondays

Cookie bonded with me over food. During lunch, I would place her cage with the door open on my dining table. She would hop out, come near my plate, pick her choice of food and go back inside her cage, or on top, only to come down for a second helping. Over a few weeks,Continue reading “Feathery Tales – 2 Of foodie bonds. #MicroblogMondays”

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