What do you hold in your heart? #SoulfulSunday

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”  —Winnie the Pooh I have still to read Winnie the Pooh, but this line stole my heart. As I read the quote, I wondered about its meaning. Did it mean the little things that we keep bemoaning about, not giving the big pictureContinue reading “What do you hold in your heart? #SoulfulSunday”

Happiness #SoulfulSunday

Happiness is an empty cardboard carton, its sides tearing away, little by little, its original contents lying in some forgotten corner of the house, and its present contents having a whale of a time sitting inside the box, giggling with unbidden joy. That’s the scene I witnessed last week as I walked towards the nearbyContinue reading “Happiness #SoulfulSunday”

What do you fear most? #SoulfulSunday

I pick a T-shirt and a pair of track pants to wear to the nearby shop I need to visit. I get dressed, tie my hair, pick up my purse, phone, keys. I drop the keys in my right pocket and after a minute, or so, check my pocket to be sure I dropped theContinue reading “What do you fear most? #SoulfulSunday”

If life had been a fantasy film. #SoulfulSunday

The cool evening breeze soothes the weariness I have been experiencing since this morning. Last night, I slept late. It was a fitful sleep that saw me tossing and turning for quite a while before I finally got an entry deep into Slumberland. Waking up with a headache and a cranky mood thanks to theContinue reading “If life had been a fantasy film. #SoulfulSunday”

My pets, my writing partners. #SoulfulSunday

My pet dog, Chikoo, was my favorite writing companion. He would sit underneath my dining table, when I sat down to write or read. A peace-loving soul, he would sit quietly for hours as I typed away on the keyboard, pouring my feelings on my personal blog that I had christened, Feelings. Well, back then,Continue reading “My pets, my writing partners. #SoulfulSunday”

Expedition Happiness

I chanced upon this documentary, Expedition Happiness, on Netflix today. It’s about a couple who sold off all their belongings to set out to travel the world. In a school bus which they turned into a caravan, they along with their dog,  travelled far and wide, to quite a few countries, to experience happiness. TheContinue reading “Expedition Happiness”


What’s your favourite writing place? My ideal writing place would be by a window that provides a picturesque view of a river flowing outside, its waves gently lapping the pebbled banks. Or, maybe a lush garden, with a stream flowing through it, offering the soft background music of the falling water.   My real lifeContinue reading “Imagination.”

Unloading those errant thoughts. #SoulfulSunday

Sometimes, when I sit down to write–like just now–there are ten things on my mind I would like to write about. But, as I begin to type, I feel all of those thoughts and ideas scurrying in every direction, trying to flee, like an errant child trying to hide after getting caught red-handed. I wonderContinue reading “Unloading those errant thoughts. #SoulfulSunday”

Writing to connect

Last Monday, I wrote a post on how blogging has lost its charm. How, today, it is all about commercialisation, with monetization being the be all and the end all of blogging. Yes, money matters, and we know how! But, bonding with each other, sharing our feelings and views, lightening each other’s burdens matters, too!Continue reading “Writing to connect”

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