The lady of the house

She stands in the doorway of her newly renovated bedroom. Her heeled feet apart, her hands on her hips, her neck bent to her right, the way she always does when studying something, inspecting something, her eyes narrowed, focusing on the tiled floor, her lips pursed. There’s a sharp intake of breath as she finally spotsContinue reading “The lady of the house”

Fear. #FictionMonday

“I love this shade of red!” Maya beamed happily as she applied the colour to her lips and pouted for a selfie. went, clicking selfies on her phone, least bothered by the onlookers. Oblivious to the man standing behind her, carressing her dupatta, she admired herself on her phone camera, turning her face this way andContinue reading “Fear. #FictionMonday”

The final straw. #FictionMonday

Ma was never the angry sort. Never a foul mood even when there was hardly any food on the table; never a slight to those pesky neighbours who were always stealing lemons off our tree–the only one–in our backyard; no rebukes in spite of all the din we made over who would do the dishesContinue reading “The final straw. #FictionMonday”

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