Pandemic and the Anxiety.

There’s fear in the air as we see history repeat itself. 2021 feels like an extension of 2020, but with some extra dose of crisis thrown in for some added effect. Don’t you think? Today, as I spoke with a friend, she shared how her sister was reeling from anxiety thanks to the absence ofContinue reading “Pandemic and the Anxiety.”

Needs versus Wants. #SoulfulSunday

A year ago, life changed for the denizens of this planet. Life, as we knew it, came to a standstill, thanks to a virus that threatened to wipe out the smile from every face on earth. We were forced into our homes, advised to stay indoors, come what may, and learn to adjust to theContinue reading “Needs versus Wants. #SoulfulSunday”

Where do you feel most secure? #SoulfulSunday

Last week, someone on Twitter asked a question: If you are thrown into a room with all the people you have ever met, who would you look for first, and why? I replied I would look for my mom and my pet dog (if he could return from Heaven).  The reason is simple: I haveContinue reading “Where do you feel most secure? #SoulfulSunday”

The lady of the house

She stands in the doorway of her newly renovated bedroom. Her heeled feet apart, her hands on her hips, her neck bent to her right, the way she always does when studying something, inspecting something, her eyes narrowed, focusing on the tiled floor, her lips pursed. There’s a sharp intake of breath as she finally spotsContinue reading “The lady of the house”

Finding oneself. #SoulfulSunday

“You only have to find yourself. Everything else, you can Google.” I came across this quote this morning. It set me thinking, nay wondering, how the Universe knew this is what I have been pondering since some time now! But, the Universe does that, you know, to wake us up from our slumber, to nudgeContinue reading “Finding oneself. #SoulfulSunday”

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