Expedition Happiness

I chanced upon this documentary, Expedition Happiness, on Netflix today. It’s about a couple who sold off all their belongings to set out to travel the world. In a school bus which they turned into a caravan, they along with their dog,  travelled far and wide, to quite a few countries, to experience happiness. The joy of living every moment to its fullest doing things that are completely different from the kind they lived earlier. A life without a fixed schedule.

It looked so appealing to me, especially since I had a dog and loved having him on our travels. And, it set me thinking, how wonderful it would have been, had I done something similar. Maybe, in a little car, I would set out to travel my country along with my Chikoo, who loved car rides, too. Maybe, I too could have worked online, during our breaks, to sustain myself.

But, as those dreams of solo travelling can’t come true now, maybe my Expedition Happiness should be where I am able to live happily, with confidence in myself, and the belief that I am enough. For, try as I might, that feeling of pride and confidence in myself, at times, evades me as I feel myself lacking in something or the other.

It would be happiness for me if I can stand tall, sure of myself and my capabilities, proud of the choices I made, the decisions I took, and the life I lived.

It would be happiness for me if I love myself for the way I have grown over the years. Yes, the love is there, but it sometimes gets eclipsed by the self-doubt, and sometimes by people’s opinions.

It will require efforts if I am to find that happiness, but I need to do it. For myself.

It will need me to keep inspiring myself, loving myself, and accepting myself despite the fact that I might not stand up to someone’s expectations.

Will I find that happiness? Only time can tell.



This post is written for #SoulfulSunday, a free writing exercise I participate in along with my friends, Esha Mookerjee and Vinitha Dileep. Do join us every Sunday at 7 pm, for 10 minutes. It feels so good!

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Do you know the secret to living a happy life? Eat. Pray. Love. Or, watch what you eat, wish well for all and fill your heart with love! That's precisely what I try to do through my blogs: 'Metanoia', the wellness blogazine, and 'Fictionista', my blog for fiction and non-fiction. Welcome to my virtual homes!

16 thoughts on “Expedition Happiness

  1. I’d love to watch that documentary, Shilpa! Sounds like a perfect dream to me. So many dreams we have, right? And they all run parallel inside our heads. Like you, I too often dream of such possibilities and wonder what if they came true? That self-love and inspiration to do things that give you joy are the routes to finding happiness, Shilpa. I feel happiness is a by-product of those wonderful experiences that we aim for. You will find it too, my friend. Love and hugs ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Do watch the documentary, Esha. It will take you on a ride to your own fantasy land and leave you feeling so wonderful!
      Yes, I am looking for happiness in all the things I love doing. Maybe that is the route to living without self-doubt and with loads of love for ourselves. ❤
      Thanks so much, dear!


  2. My dear Shilpa, I want you to feel that unadulterated happiness. I want you to experience that liberation without any constraints holding you back. I really do. And you have all the amenities to experience that soul liberating happiness too dear, just take a look at you through my eyes. You are everything you want to be. You are an inspiration to many of us. Please allow yourself to see that. Your self-doubt needs to be shown its place. It has no right to eclipse your happiness.
    I loved this writing, Shilpa. Profound thoughts they are. I am so very proud that I get to call you my friend.❣❣

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    1. Your words are as sweet as you, Vini! ❤
      YEs, I am working on pushing the self-doubt out of my system, once and for all. I am so tired of it!
      Thanks a ton for those kind words, sweetie. I am so glad to have a friend like you! 🙂


  3. Love and Hugs … I’m too a product of self doubt and I get it when you say love us there but gets eclipsed by self doubt …we are realising it and we will be there slowly and steadily. Lovely post and though for last 2 weeks alarm goes at time but my time is 1.30 hr early as compared to yours and that part of evening is bit busy I’m.not able to participate.

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    1. Self-doubt is the kill joy ;P
      Yeah, so many of us wage a battle against it. I am sure one day we will win and have a lot more confidence in ourselves, and love for ourselves.
      Thanks Ruchi.
      Yes, it is sad that you can’t participate with us, but you sure can set a time to write when it is convenient for you. Do try it out someday. ❤


  4. “It would be happiness for me if I love myself for the way I have grown over the years. Yes, the love is there, but it sometimes gets eclipsed by the self-doubt, and sometimes by people’s opinions.”

    I’d be the last person to say that “other people’s opinions don’t matter.” Of course they matter – they are a touchstone, for us, to guide us along on a path that, ideally, we have chosen for ourselves. But to let others’ expectations and opinions rule us or crush us or manipulate us into being anything but true to ourselves would be a tragedy, too. To know the difference takes self-confidence. Why do you doubt yourself?

    Others’ opinions absolutely do matter to me, because other humans have value. They matter. But I use their opinions of me as a reflection – am I projecting and being perceived as the person I know myself to be? NOT “am I living up to their expectations for me.” That only matters if there’s agreement – if I have promised a thing, and they have a RIGHT to any expectations at all. (This may be the first time I’ve found a way to put that into words, so thank you for the impromptu “prompt”!)

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    1. Why do I doubt myself? I lack the self-confidence, Holly. As much as I know I shouldn’t, sometimes, I do. 😦
      I am working on it, though. I do stress myself out too much thinking if people expect too much from me/ if I live up to their expectations. I know it’s wrong. I do need to work on myself, right? I am. I am a work in progress ;P

      Thank you for sharing your views, Holly! ❤

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      1. First, stop beating yourself up for being human. It’s not “wrong”so much as it’s not helping our serving you if it’s causing you stress.

        Try this writing prompt: What is the absolute WORST thing that can happen if you fail to live up to what you THINK are others’ expectations of you?

        Is anyone going to die? Will you be loathed by millions? 😉

        Now, what’s going to happen to YOU if you let self-doubt keep you from trying things?

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      2. Thanks for the “nagging”, Holly. ❤ I think I needed it ;P
        What's the worst that can happen if I fail to live up to what I think are other's expectations? Hmm….I really ought to think it over. No, thankfully, no one will die.But, it's definitely going to ruin my peace of mind and leave me feeling miserable.
        You know, I really needed this "eye-opening" dialogue with someone. Good I have you doing it for me, Holly! Thankssss! ❤

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  5. Any time. You know where I am in WhatsApp, too. It sounds like maybe you value others opinions more than you do your own worth as a human being. And I can almost guarantee you they are NOT putting that much thought or angst into their opinions of you, nor are their expectations so lofty. Honestly, they’re probably just as worried about what others think of them – and if they’re not as worried about what YOU think of them as you are worried what THEY think of YOU, then it’s not worth your emotional labor to worry about it at ALL. 😀

    One thing I realized, years ago: I was happier, and most people liked me BETTER, when I just let go of all that and allowed me to be me – and to have fun. To be silly or serious or whatever in turns, as the spirit moved me. I PROMISE you the world won’t stop turning.

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    1. I have made it an intention for 2021.
      To care a damn about other’s opinion about me, because I know myself better than others. And, I am proud of what I know about myself, so let other people and their opinion go to hell ;D

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      1. Now, now – you needn’t damn them to Hell! (Unless they’re cruel and find their own fun in tormenting YOU.) LOL Just don’t give weight to others’ negativity. It’s usually more about THEM than it is about you, anyway.

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