Mind games.

Fiction Monday
Photo by Zachary DeBottis on Pexels.com

She stood facing the mirror, her body almost touching the glass. A tiny jar of sindoor in her left hand, she collected a pinch of the vermilion powder with her right.  Her trembling hand moving towards her forehead, she paused as she caught her reflection.

There wasn’t a mangalsutra around her neck—the symbol of marriage, the thread that binds a woman to her husband for life. Could she apply the sindoor? What would people think? Say?

A voice inside her head—a male voice—whistled and sniggered.

She whirled around, her heart thudding in her chest, her mind spinning madly. She had definitely heard it.

She had to save herself from those wolves; they gave her no choice.  Go ahead, her mind urged her. Do it.  Let people say what they want, you know you can deal with them.

With shivering hands she smeared the deep red powder in the parting of her silver hair, a triumphant smile spreading on her powdered face.

How will you harm me now? she muttered under her breath.

Word count: 183


The above post has been written for Fiction Monday, a fiction writing challenge brought to you by my friend, Vinitha Dileep, at her blog, Reflections. 

This week’s prompts – word prompt (MIRROR), and picture prompt.

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